Sixth: From the language and its meanings:

Age is a symbol of man's age: his age. A tooth, tooth or snout indicates the death of a relative or person you know. If the excitability indicates death, the composition indicates birth or pregnancy.

Ninth: The difference of the Prophets:

The vision is different in terms of different people and different ages, environments and circumstances. A good man is like a punk in expression, not a woman as a man. The adhan may indicate hajj, taking the view of The Almighty, and he authorized the hajj in people. And the adhan may indicate theft, taking from his saying ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. If the questioner is one of the righteous people, then the interpretation is in Hajj.

Eighth: Against the thing (contrary):

Crying can be caused by joy. Laughter may indicate sadness for saying "the evil of what laughs", according to Mohammed bin Saleh al-Athaimin and so on. Cupping as an instrument and condition, plague war and plague war, in enemy tb and enemy torrent, locusts recruited and soldiered locusts etc.

Seventh: One of the prevailing proverbs:

The long hand indicates good and good, as the Prophet (PBUH) said to his wives: [First of all, i.e., you have a hand in hand] that is, your most generous and sincere. Zainab was the one who was the one who was the one who was the one who was the one Planting and ploughing indicates work. And out of the narrow doors crosses the vulva and survives. And Abraham said to Ismail that he changed the door, i.e., divorced your wife and said luqman to his son, "Instead of your bed" means your wife.

The vision may be delayed:

Jaafar ibn Muhammad was told: How late is the vision? He said, "The Prophet of Allah(pbuh) saw as if a dog was speckled in his blood, and he was shaman ibn al-Jushan, the murderer of Hussein, may God bless him, and he was the most righteous of Allaah," and according to tafsir al ahlam the revelation was interpreted after 50 years.

The difference between visions and dreams:

There is a confusion of people between visions and dreams, the vision of God and the dream from Satan. And the vision from Allah is preaching or warning. With regard to the dream, it is from the Shaytan that he throws it into the imagination of man, to grieve him and wear it in his religion and to stop him from doing good.