He analyzed what I saw, in the sense of the origins of the following expression:

First: The Holy Quran:

I offer the vision to the Book of God, and you may find its interpretation in some of its verses, such as: the new dress may be preached by marriage, because it is said by The Almighty: "There is a dress for you and you are a dress for them,"and the rope crosses it in the covenant, to say It Almighty and hold on to the rope of God."
* And the ship passes by by surviving to say the Almighty "We have saved him and the owners of the ship". And the wood expresses it with hypocrisy for saying "as if they were supported wood."
* And the stones cross it with cruelty to say the most mentioned (they are like stones or harsher)*
* The baby crossed him with the enemy to say Almighty (the Pharaoh's family picked him up to have an enemy and a sadness)"
* And the ashes cross it by the false work of saying Almighty (like those who disbelieved in their lord their deeds as ashes intensified by the wind)"
* And the water expresses the fitna for saying "We have shed them tomorrow's water to fascinate them in it."
Eating raw meat passes through the stupidity of saying, "Should one of you eat his brother's flesh dead?"
* Drowsiness is expressed in security because he says (as you are safe from sleepiness)
* And the grocers, the puddle, the foam, the lentils and the onions cross the one who took him that he has replaced something inferior with the money, livelihood, knowledge, wife or house of the Almighty( Let us your Lord come out to us from what the earth grows from its groceries, its vomit, its mouth, its lentils and onions, and its onions, and it is said, "I'm replacing it, which is inferior to the one who is the best."
* The good tree expresses the good word, and the malicious word for saying it (and like a good word as a good tree. . . .
* The orchard indicates the work, and its burning indicates a rope, because it says That Adheal (a hurricane hit him with a fire and burned)
The eggs express women to the saying "as if they were mechanized eggs", as well as the dress for the saying of Almighty (they are a dress for you)
And so on.