- (Water) is in a good life, and whoever sees him in his home is happiness, total money, booty, and good will, which is a marriage to the saying of Almighty: "He is the one who created from the water human beings, and he made him a son-in-law." The government's decision to suspend the work of the Commission on Human Security is a matter of concern. The son of Serine said, "May God rest his soul, water in sleep, fitnah in religion, because he says, "Water is tomorrow to fascinate them." It is a scourge of the saying: "God is afflicting you with a river who has drunk from it." The verse. - (And whoever saw) that he was given water in a mug was a guide born. - (Whoever sees) that he drinks in a clear glass of water that has been good for his son and his wife because the glass is the essence of women and water is a foetus. - (And whoever sees) that he is drinking hot water, which has been severely murmured. - (and who saw) that he threw in the secret clear water of surprise. - (And whoever sees) that he is in water, he is in fitna, affliction and darkness. - (And whoever sees) that he has a clear water is inherited money. - And whoever saw that he is seeking water, he seeks among people by lying and stagnant water, holding those who saw that he fell in stagnant water, he was locked up and it was said that the water stagnant in the interpretation is weaker than the water in the interpretation in any case, the water that is poor, the water is living in the cold, the lack of water, the bitter water, the bitter water, the hot water, the heat, the heat, the heat, the heat, the heat, the heavy water, the day, the punishment, and at night the fear of the gin, salt water, the hard water, the money, the money and the black water, the destruction of the role in which he is afraid. On his sight and the yellow water is satisfactory, and if he sees that the king's water has become a sin or a raid in the earth, the Allah has changed what the king has given him to leave him thanks and prevent him from doing good and all the water is hard, he is difficult and tired. - (Whoever sees) that he drinks sea water, which is a drudle that has been infected by the king, and if it is done in his place or drunk by a human being, it is a disease for him, and if all people drink it, it is a disease and the cold water is said to be an unjust sultan. - Whoever sees him as a washed-out in the water and came out of it, if he is in a severe state of disbelief, even if he is sick of the lips of Allah Almighty, even if he is a prisoner who survived after the water is clean, saltwater and black water, if he is displaced from the well, then she is a woman who marries her and has no good in it. - (Whoever sees) that he walks over the water in a sea or river, that is the power of faith and certainty in Allah, if he has words of righteousness and evidence of wisdom, otherwise he is certain that he is in doubt and confusion and is said to be travelling in danger of being entrusted with it. - (And whoever sees) that he walks on water, he takes a risk and if he comes out of it, he has all his needs. - (Whoever sees) that he fell into a lot of deep water and went down in it and did not reach its bottom, it affects many worlds and takes over from it because the world is a deep sea and it is said, and even falls into the order of a big man, if he is overwhelmed by the river, he becomes very sick and if he drowns in it, he dies in his illness. - (And whoever saw) that he fell into the water, he is pleased and blessed. - (Whoever saw) that he looked at clear water and saw his face in it, and if he saw it well, then he would be good to his family and neighbours, and if he supervised a clear water, he supervised many good things. - (Whoever sees) that he pours water into the sea, spends alimony on a woman, even if he pours it in a position where he does not benefit from his money, and the water is overwhelming, and suffering and fitnah as much as his strength. - Whoever sees that water has increased in a country or village and exceeded the limit until it entered the houses and its people supervised the sinking, there is a great fitna and difference and the wicked perish, and if he sees the water running on its surface, it will be afflicted by an urgent cloud or a permanent affliction by the Sultan and the fresh water, good heart, science and life of those who supervised death for saying: "We have made everything alive from the water." Perhaps the water indicated the wife to the single and the husband for the single, because drinking it from a halal pot was a valid marriage, even if it was from a forbidden marriage, which was a corrupt marriage, and perhaps drinking water on the drink of the poor and what the bully's parents gave to each other. - (Whoever saw) that he is thirsty and saw that he drank water that he lived to plant and calmed down his horror and sang his poverty and met with his family. If he carried water in a bowl that carried his wife and increased the water in the time of his lack or lack of time to increase it, he said that he was unjust, smitten, expensive, and the word was different, and clear water indicated the safety of the eye, the rumble, and the explosion of water in a place where they were Green water is a long-standing disease and it is said that there is a lot of hard work and that drinking black water has gone into his sight. - (And whoever sees) that he sucks water, he is a disincentive in his life. - (Whoever sees) that he has been given hot water in such a way that he does not feel imprisoned, sick, severely injured or terrified of the jinn as much as he is free. - (Whoever sees) that his clothes or clothing is wet with water, he is responsible for travelling or holding him accountable for something that they may or may not have. - (Whoever sees) that he is carrying water in a bowl, if he is poor, he benefits from money, even if he is rich and single, and if he is married, his wife is pregnant. - (Whoever sees) that he carried water in a grate or dress or while it is not possible to carry water in it, it is in the ego of his money, his condition or his life. The government's work on the issue of women's right to education is a very important part of the work of the Government. - (Whoever sees) that he drinks water from a cup or a cup or so and is a single man, he marries. - (Whoever sees) that he is emptying water in a jar or a scare or so, so he is a woman, and washing with cold water is repentant and healed from the disease, out of imprisonment, religion and security from fear and who has received water from a well that has been damaged by trickery and cunning. - (Whoever believes) that he had received water and watered an orchard or ploughed into it, and that he had benefited from a woman, if the fruit of the orchard or the planting methods had injured a boy, watering the orchard or planting with his wife.