If a fire falls from the sky, people get sick, chicken, death, or high, or the plant catches locusts. The sky may indicate the Sultan or his palace. Whoever climbs to it with a ladder or rope gets a lift from the king, even if he climbs without a ladder or a rope, he gets fear of the Sultan and inside it is an ego. If he reaches heaven, he reaches the end, and if he is sick of waking up, then he does not return to earth, he perishes from his illness. With regard to the dinu from heaven, it is indicative of the proximity of Allaah to the people of obedience and good deeds, perhaps as evidence of the proximity of the imam, the sultan, the world, the father, the husband and the master. Falling from heaven to earth may indicate the sultan's death if he is sick. The fall of the sky may indicate the glorious earth. The Arabs call the rain a sky to come down from the sky. If heaven fell on a human being who was sick in wakefulness, he died, and whoever went up to heaven, he entered it, he won martyrdom and won the dignity of God. The lower sky is the place of the moon, and the moon is in the minister's interpretation. If he sees that in the second heaven, he has received manners, intelligence and presidency, and that the second heaven of Mercury. If he sees that in the third heaven, he has received grace, a neighbour, a joyous ornaments, and that the third heaven is for the flower. If he sees that in the fourth heaven he has received king, authority and prestige, and that the fourth heaven of the sun. If he sees that in the fifth sky he won the mandate of the police or a fight and that the fifth sky of Mars. If he sees that in the sixth heaven, he will have a jurisprudence and a judiciary, a gift and worship, and he will be firm, and the sixth heaven is for the buyer. Whoever sees that in the seventh sky, he has a estate and a peasant, and the seventh sky is saturn. If he sees that he is above the seventh heaven, he will have a great lift, but he perishes. If the sky is greener, the more planting, even if the yellow is more diseased. If a sheep comes out of the sky, it is a booty, and if seven come out, they will be swallowed by sultan's gore. If the doors of the sky are opened, there will be more rain. If a person sees that he stole the sky and hid it, he steals a Qur'an and pushes it to his wife. If he sees that it rotates in the sky and then descends from it, he learns the science of the stars and becomes mentioned. If he sees that he is hanging with a rope from heaven, he follows a sultan in religion, and if he sees that the rope has been cut off, he will still have his authority. Whoever saw heaven was built in his presence, he testified with perjury, for saying: "What you have witnessed is the creation of heaven and earth." Those who believe that he has been exposed from heaven to earth commit a great sin. Whoever saw that the sky came out of it, a light indicated the guidance of the people of that place, even if there was darkness that indicated their misguidance. The sky is indicative of the country, the fort, the house, the wife, the boy, the mother, the teacher and the places of interest. Heaven is indicative of the oath of the one who has been shown to it in a dream to say: "And the sky is your love." And his saying: (And the sky with the zodiac), and his saying: (And the sky and the tarek), and perhaps indicated the strange construction, and perhaps the sky indicated the sea to his sting, and because of the creation of Allah Almighty. The sky in the dream shows all the hood and roof above the head, and the enemies as the Sultan. The rise to the sky may have indicated controversy and anacadism of envy and enemies. The sky may have shown the prison, and the ascent to it is evidence of a lift.