The train is an important means of transportation in our lives that helps us move from place to place and helps us travel very quickly and we will talk here about the interpretation of the vision and dream of the train, in which many interpreters differed, but here we will talk about ibn Serine's interpretation of the dream of the train.

Explaining the train dream of Serin

Serin's son explained all the situations in which a person could see the train in the dream, saying that if a person saw a dream that the train had missed, it was a clear indication that this person wanted to achieve something and that he could not achieve this and reach it.
Ibn Serin also said that seeing the train in a dream indicates that the person who dreams is approaching if the person dreams of getting off the train.
Anyone who dreams that the train has hit him and walks on it indicates that all he wishes is achieved.
If a person sees that the train is going out of course, this is a clear indication that the seer is doing forbidden things.
If a person dreams of riding a long speeding train, it indicates that the seer will travel to a place where there is a benefit and that the travel will be soon, but if the train is slow, it indicates that the seeman is prevented from travelling or travelling, but without any use.

Explaining the train dream for singles

If a single girl sees the train in her dream, it shows that she wants to achieve something and seeks to achieve it.
The single girl's vision of the train in her sleep can be a sign that her engagement and marriage are approaching.
If a single girl dreams of riding on the train and travelling with it, it indicates that all her dreams will be fulfilled soon, God willing.
If a single girl in her sleep sees that the train is going too slowly, it is a clear indication that her age is over, that she is not related and that she will remain single.
If a single girl dreams of a single towing consisting of only one cart, it indicates that she will do something disturbing to her life.
If the train that a single person dreams of is going too fast, it indicates the girl's longevity.
Explaining the dream of riding a train for single people
If a single woman dreams of being on the train, it indicates that she is changing her social status and that she will marry the one she loves and her life will change from being single to married.

Explaining the dream of a speeding train for single women

If a single woman dreams of a speeding train, it indicates the bountiful livelihood that will come to her soon and also indicates the family bonding she lives in, as well as her travel either to clear some things related to her job if she works or travel for tourism and leisure, and in general the speedtrain indicates the longevity of her life.

Explaining the train station's dream for singles

If a single girl dreamed of knowing tafsir al ahlam that she was standing on a long train station it shows her tiredness in her life and that she will suffer a lot to reach what she aspires to.
If the train station is made of iron, it shows a difficult life.
Explaining the dream of getting on the train and getting off for singles
If a single woman dreams of riding a train to one or two stations and disembarks, it indicates that she is short.

If you get on the train and walk a large number of stations or go down at the last station, it indicates that you will live a long life until you get older and many relatives will die before it.

We talked about the interpretation of the train dream for single women, which generally indicates that single women have moved beyond the stage of their careers, whether in their career by promotion or in family life with their engagement and marriage.