Like dilapidated teeth, the occurrence of teeth may indicate that it is a matter of bad speech. "Then again, there is a reason why it is splintered or retorted rather than collapsed. The split can be compared to what I said the day before in an altercation with someone i was somewhat nervous about. Cracking is a sign of the imbalance of speech and you would like to talk the day before better than what happened.

The teeth fall in the dream and parts of your teeth break.

Of all the dreams of falling teeth, dream interpretors say tafsir al ahlam, that this is the dream you experience most often personally. This will also be about not providing enough information. For example, Fu you are a lecturer at the university and you talk a lot explaining some course subjects. You see the dream of cutting teeth when I feel like I haven't provided enough information, and I feel like I haven't explained myself enough. I don't feel like the person I was talking to fully understands what I was trying to explain to them."

If you dream that your teeth are starting to grow twisted and rushing out of your mouth
"In this case, this will really affect your shape in fact. Often in these dreams when teeth come out or anything that happens in the teeth, we will look in the mirror because we are worried about what we look like. You're so worried about how you look and how you look at others after what happened to your teeth. Twisting teeth can also indicate lying and unseen."

Explaining the dream of teeth falling by hand

The fall of teeth by hand and the teeth that are possessed in a dream can be one of two things. It could be related to something old or some kind of argument or hatred or the situation you were discussing one day, and I'm sick of it. You're unconscious in the form of decaying teeth. It seems like we've moved past this and become a thing of the past. But it can also be linked to guilt and guilt for saying something bad to someone close to you.

Seeing your teeth bounce back.

"Cern's son is sure that this indicates that you wish to recover what you said the day before. I was just hoping you could erase it. "Ah, I can't believe I said that, what can I do to restore this?" I'm afraid to talk about this problem with one. So I can't face the person who gave me this in front of him."