In a dream world that is not a rule, people dream about almost everything, and dreams often revolve around the personal and human worlds, and no matter how much you try to adapt one's dreams, it will surprise them with what they want, not what they wish.

Often dreams revolve around things that always bother a person when he is awake, for example a person who hates his job will dream of problems in the workplace, and who wants to lose weight will see himself eating a lot.

Among the visitors who come in dreams for some people, snakes that cause panic, what do you mean by dream scientists?

Complex brain
The human brain is one of the most complex things in the universe, and despite the great efforts of scientists, they still know little about the secrets of this great machine, how it works, and what goes on inside it.
Therefore, the science of the interpretation of dreams is still part of this complexity of the brain, and cannot be treated to this day as something separate, definitive or accurate science.

For a snake, although its appearance may be a bad thing, that perception may not always be true, according to some psychologists.

What does a snake mean?
It is believed that seeing snakes means one of the following:

If you see that a snake bites you to sleep, it means you're afraid of betraying or hurting some people, and it can also mean a feeling of guilt about doing what you've done.

Renowned psychologist Carl Young believes that seeing snakes in dreams means a change or transformation in one's life, linking it to the snake's skin and rapidly changing body.

If a person sees himself being chased by a snake, it means trying to avoid a duty or task you intend to do that you feel deceived.
If a snake is what leads you down the road, it means being tempted or tricked by someone in your life, which is scientifically explained by the fear of deception in real life when you wake up.

Renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud believes that dreaming of snakes, because of their spiral form, relates to the vocabulary of emotional and sexual life, and that a threat to man is in this door.

You're the semantics maker.
Barbara Condron, author of several books on the dream world, believes that snakes have a neutral connotation that allows a person to pass on what he wants.

This is about the degree to which you see these snakes, or how they look, are they scary, powerful, and in any case what you see and what you see in your mind is connected to your subconscious.