Many of us really want atomic and children, whether seeing children and feeding a child in a dream is something that has gone on with the dream or not, in this article this will be recognized in detail.

The male child may indicate pain and anxiety, and some problems and increased burdens, but seeing the child is all good, carrying it, playing with her and holding her hand indicates that the worries go away, pay off the debts, unplug the prisoners and get out of prison and get pregnant for the married woman, but the birth of the child from the mouth indicates the departure of the soul and the end of life.

Explaining the dream of breastfeeding a child

Breastfeeding indicates a lack of life such as lack of livelihood, health or loss of a loved one, and if a woman sees that she is breastfeeding a strange child, it is a sign of anxiety, pain and distress, and the feeding of the large child indicates anxiety and distress, and if the pregnant woman sees that she is breastfeeding a small child, it indicates that she is breastfeeding a small child that indicates the near birth and ease of pregnancy.

And seeing a woman breastfeed a strange child indicates that a man close to her will exploit her and deceive her.

If a single woman sees that her breast is full of milk, it is indicative of an increase in the world of livelihood, health and happiness.

If a woman sees that she is breastfeeding a strange man, it shows that the man will steal some money from her or use some of her property for his own account.

If the patient sees that he is breastfeeding a child, he shows healing, because the milk coming out of it indicated that the sickness, fatigue and concern came out of his body.

Seeing the big baby in a dream

And seeing the big child in a dream is a good news and happy events that will happen to the visionary, so as to say allah almighty, they will be sent and sent to them. This is a great time, and I'm pleased with the light of his and his god-of-the-day work."

If you see that you have given birth to an old child and breastfeed ing indicates that there are some unpleasant events, illness and the birth of an older girl indicates goodness such as healing from illness, paying off debts and marrying a spinster, and pregnant if she sees a male boy in a dream indicates that she will give birth to a daughter, and if she sees a girl in a dream, she will give birth to a male, and God knows better.

Seeing a beautiful baby

It is said that seeing beautiful children is a promise of academic excellence and success in the trade, and if the mother sees her child sick, it indicates that he will be healthy, and seeing the children playing shows the great happiness and joy in your life.

Seeing a child dead or sick

If you see that your son is dead in a dream, it shows some failures in the future, seeing a sad child in the dream shows some concern and trouble in life, seeing toys, fun and playing with young children is proof of your practical and commercial successes, and seeing children dressed cleanly and elegantly shows happiness and love in life.

If you see that your little one has a fever, it's a hassle in life.

Seeing the birth of a young child is a sign of happiness and joy, and seeing a young child swim in the sea until he reaches the shore safely is a sign of survival from anguish and pain.