In a dream, it indicates the servant of the place, and to address the benefit of his family as his owner, because its severity is evidence of the violation of his order, or the movement of those who have shown it. If a woman sees that she has a knife, or gives one of the women a knife, she shows her love for the famous men. The knife pens a clerk. And a butcher's bark knife. The soldier's knife is strength and service. And the knife is an argument. It was said: Whoever saw a knife would get strength and good at the hands of a servant. Whoever saw that he had swallowed a knife had eaten from his son's money. And the knife in the dream is a male boy. It was said: If he sees a knife in his hand, he will get 200 dirhams, because the stake is a sum of money, and the knife may cross the poor with twenty-five dirhams. And who saw a knife in his hand. He was in a trial he triumphed and proved his argument and proof, because it is a weapon, and protected by enemies. If he is given a knife with no other weapon, he is good and he is a good man. Those who believe that he was slaughtered with a knife take what the knife has slaughtered from a bird, an animal or others. Those who saw that he had slaughtered his hands with a knife saw something to be surprised by. If he sees that he inserts a knife or dagger into the eye, he marries a woman. Those who benefited from a knife benefited from a wife if he was single. If he had a pregnant woman, she handed over her son. If the knife was past, the witness was fair, even if it was not past or had the remnants of a witness's wound, and if it was closed, or his testimony was dismissed for incidents that appeared to be other than the testimony.