The Vision of the black dove in A Dream

alhmam-almlunfi-almnam.jpg The black dove in The Dream indicates a lot of differences and murders and generally indicates bad news and a lot of sorrows that will come back to the seer. If the opinion is married and a dream of a black dove this according to tafsir al ahlam of dove, this indicates that a married man or a married woman has divorced. If a single girl dreams of a black dove, it indicates that she is associated with a reckless person who is unable to take responsibility. Vision of the grey pigeon in a dream The vision of the grey pigeon indicates a high living and a pregnant woman indicates that she has a male son and a single girl indicates her association. If a person dreams of eating a grey dove, it is a good harvest. The dream of slaughtering a grey pigeon is a clear indication of the severance of the uterine connection, while seeing the grey ... Read more »
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Dreams are images and imaginations that satan dictates to man to grieve him, to wear his religion on him and to stop him from doing good. As for the dreams, they are pictures and imaginations that have no connection and no officer, the sleeper sees her upset and afraid and is called the adhes because it is a mixture of pictures and imagination board-240136_960_720.jpg While Omar ibn al-Khattab, may God rest his soul, sitting with people who are friends of the Prophet, peace be upon him, including Ali ibn Abi Talib and a group of immigrants and supporters, i turn to them, and he turned to them, and he said: I am asking you about qualities, and they told me about the man while he remembers the thing, and about the man loves the man, and he did not meet him and the vision, one of them is right and the other is a grudge, and about an hour of the night is not anyone but a horrible and smelly with the people, he sa ... Read more »
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